1. wolfhard:

    Today is the 1 year anniversary of me and Leslie getting married! Here’s a re-posting the wedding announcement comic that I did last year.

    I think a lot about our wedding!  We had only been engaged for two weeks so it was a very small city hall ceremony, attended by Leslie’s parents, my parents, and a handful of friends. We’re still so touched to have Annie Koyama and John Martz as our witnesses. Afterwards my dad took everyone out for lunch at our favourite Toronto restaurant. 

    The whole thing was the simplest, but from the day of the wedding through january was the happiest time of my life. Les and I were so happy during that time that it was nearly impossible to do anything other than squeeze each other, laugh, and cry.  We were so happy it was impractical. 

    Marrying Leslie has to be the biggest and most surprising thing that’s ever happened in my life. Before we met I was hunkering down and getting ready for a lifetime by myself. I didn’t have much ambition, I felt a lot of shame, and didn’t have much hope for my future. Leslie totally scooped me up and saved me. 

    I love her so much. All I want is for us to get old and cozy together.

    Steve and Leslie are just the god damn cutest, most charming people ever.

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    When I get married, I hope I can be as happy as Steve and Leslie ☺
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