1. lamezone:


    pre-orders are GO! these three prints will be 11”x17”, and will be signed! they arent even cafepress or nothing, ill be picking out a real pro printing place and going down there myself and everything!

    once a few orders are in ill be able to fund the actual printing, aiming to start shipping them out by early-to-mid september. together they form one big image, but you can always just grab your favorite one!

     the three prints can be bought separately for $15 each, together for $35,

    OR you can get the ultimate BEAR DEAL:  all three signed prints, a hand drawing of your favorite lamezone character just for you, a copy of the previously ECCC exclusive “Crittlers No.2” mini, and a youtube video where i wear a bear mask and personally thank you for your help! now THATS what i call a bear deal.

    these will help fund my upcoming move and grant me the ability to buy foods! each order also includes the special bonus of my undying love and respect. 

    if prints arent for you, theres still the option to grab the pay-what-you-want lamezine 001 comic, copy of my first printed comic the body is a system, or all sorts of shirts or a poster from the lamezone redbubble store. or, if you dont have/want to spend money, you could just spread the word! anything helps. i love you all. thank you.


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    nobody follows me but as a sign of good faith here is the party dog and his amazing sale. (I bought the ultimate bear...
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    paying rent and wow there goes a chunk of money. and its money i would not have if it werent for all of you i love you...
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    this guy’s good
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    I can’t really afford one of these at the moment, but that’s not stopping you.
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