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    So lots of interesting things happened at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival today! I met up with some friends and we got to sit in on a panel hosted by Pendleton Ward and several other of the artists and writers that work on Adventure Time

    They were really funny, genuine people who are super enthusiastic about what they do and didn’t seem to get nearly as annoyed as I was with the fact that about 65% of the questions they were asked were “How’d you get the idea for [character]” which was in most cases answered pretty quickly with “It was [writer]’s idea”

    Pendleton Ward is a really good beatboxer too

    Also about five or six people recognized me from my blog over the course of the day and that was really interesting. I didn’t really know what to say to them but they were all very kind and it’s honestly really nice to actually meet some of the people who appreciate what I do on here, although that arguably isn’t a whole lot at all

    The highlight for me though was briefly meeting Emily Partridge and Ryan Pequin, the authors of Mount Pleasant Comics and Three Word Phrase respectively

    They both have a really uniquely funny and sweet approach to their medium and it was really cool to talk to them about that however fleetingly

    Also Ryan drew President Bird for me in my copy of his book which was pretty great

    e heh heh heh huheh hehe heheheh (that was modest giggling)

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