1. Three Word Phrase Vol. One is out and totally exists! You can buy it here, at the Topatoco site  - OR - by clicking the image you see above!

    Hooray! Hooray.

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    My jealousy knows no bounds. I think “Queen Wiener Looks” was written about me, in the way drunk girls think this song...
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    I met Ryan this past weekend at the Comic Arts Festival in Vancouver and my hubs bought me this book, which made me...
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    Buy this book and support independent artists! Three Word Phrase is hi-larious, and you should definitely put this on...
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    I took this out to read it at the airport and I couldn’t stop laughing! Really nicely done.
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    soooo want this
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    go buy. It’s funny.
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    I sadly did not have the cash to spare for this, but I flipped through it and it is indeed a quality quality book.
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