1. Depression Parkour

  2. empartridge:

    hey tumbls, I made you a crappy little comic

  3. octopuspiecomic:

    HEY you!! This was made by me and Lacey!!

  4. dharbin:


    New fancy-dan giclee print, limited to a signed edition of 50, here.

    so gooooood

  5. cool cool cool cool

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  6. empartridge:

    I wanted to do art for musa at ECCC but we never ended up crossing paths, so here’s some now

    I drew it while listening to cry me a river by justin timberlake which is why it is obvs so emotionally charged

  7. rugburnchannel:

    CAT AGENT is a cat who’s an agent, who represents cats. 

    Twitter: @catagentRB

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/catagentRB

    Tumblr: http://realcatagent.tumblr.com/

    cool. cool cool.

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  8. adammuto:

    No. 39

  9. empartridge:

    it was Stefan’s birthday so Ryan and I drew him fighting himself, because he is our friend and we know him well.

    I think it’s obvious who did what, but in case it isn’t, I did left Stefan and Ryan did right Stefan.


  10. nedroidcomics:

    I finally got access to my Twitter archive. By request, here are my #noirfiction tweets from quite a ways back:

    She was a nutty broad, with hair that was bonkers, and legs that just didn’t make any sense at all #noirfiction

    She had a pair of legs that wouldn’t quit, no matter how politely you…

  11. threewordphrase.com/chomp.htm

  12. ianjq:



    What’s next on the list for having a great quest? Weapons!!!

    Animation and Voice for Hunchback by Ian Jones-Quartey
    Animation and Voice for Dr. Katz by Pendleton Ward

    dont forget to follow animation pals!

  13. trophy

  14. fetish comics

  15. are y’all reading Octopus Pie because if y’all aren’t then, like, y’all…should be. reading it. it’s good.

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