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  2. are y’all reading Octopus Pie because if y’all aren’t then, like, y’all…should be. reading it. it’s good.

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  3. empartridge:

    hourly comic day 2013! finally done (a day late)! as you can see, I gave up the whole ‘looking nice’ thing after the first page.

    feat. the lovely Ryan, Brian, Charmaine, Chris, Phil, Juli, and Geneva.

    I really wish the tumblr posting feature was back to not being awful. sorry for these being hard to read.

    look at these awesome hourly comics you guys

  4. band-aid comics

  5. smart phone

  6. I came upon it independently so I’M KEEPIN’ IT damn the man


  7. son of a shit i hate when that happens

  8. empartridge:

    I like sad bear a lot you guys

    me 2


  9. reasonablyindubitable-deactivat said: if someone sins against you, keep it between you and that person unless they don't listen, then take other measures as listed in Bible. thanks! :)

    well hey no problem

  10. Fashion Police

  11. threewordphrase.com

  12. radarbeetle:

    Bee - Antagony 13

    I received the Three Word Phrase Volume One book for Christmas and as a result this is so far ‘based’ on [THIS HERE FUCKING FANTASTIC COMIC] by the endlessly awesome [Ryan Pequin] that it really just is that comic so i’ll call it a tribute and give all due credit to Ryan Pequin.

    cool cool cool

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