2. beesmygod:

    my favorite threewordphrase relationship comics

    It’s missing the one where the girlfriend is in her sweats but otherwise this is a nice collection of my relationship strips

  3. midnitesurprise:

    NEW GUNSHOW BOOK!!! Rad Tats! Available now! $15! please spread the word and buy a copy! I am doing drawings in the book for an extra $5 too! Yay I am happy with this thing, it contains the entre Skull w/ Sunglasses and Sneakers saga. From beginning to end!

    Buy this thing! Buy it!

  4. empartridge:


  5. Emily and I sketched our cartoon versions of ourselves and it blew their minds.

  6. empartridge:

    do you live in california? do you want to buy this art?? do you like animals and stuff???
    the wildife learning center in sylmar is having a silent auction and all the proceeds are going towards caring for the animals. some pretty cool artists (plus me) are contributing. april 6th! 5 pm to 8 pm! go to it.

  8. philmcandrew:

    If all goes according to plan, this will debut at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May. The top image is of course the cover of the book, the bottom image is the full wraparound cover illustration (sans text). Read more about the book here and PRE-ORDER a copy here.


  9. Some dudes I know are in a band called Yes Bear, and they just put out a rad album called Items. Go listen to it! Buy it! If you like kinda mathy, fun rock music then this will be your jam.

  10. brianfukushima:

    I have an Indiegogo campaign for my new project CHUNDERHOG.

    You can commission original art from me!

    Brian’s sketchbook pages are rad as hell. Go purchase one from him!

  11. lamezone:


    by partydog

    you can get it in two forms:

    STANDARD $0contains:

    • full comic
    • deleted scenes
    • “animatic pages”
    • guest content from talented friends
    DELUXE $20also contains:
    • commentary
    • 3 more microwave planet pages
    • -nightmarathon guide 
    • -nightmare gallery 
    • -bart simpson memorial caverns
    • assorted garbages
    the comic is PAY WHAT YOU WANT. you can pay NOTHING or ANYTHING for the standard version and 20 OR MORE for deluxe
    if you pre-ordered the deluxe version, you should have it in your email now! thank you! i hope everyone likes it. if you do, please spread the word!

    go get this thing

  12. Depression Parkour

  13. empartridge:

    hey tumbls, I made you a crappy little comic

  14. octopuspiecomic:

    HEY you!! This was made by me and Lacey!!

  15. dharbin:


    New fancy-dan giclee print, limited to a signed edition of 50, here.

    so gooooood