1. beatonna:

    let me just be the bazillionth person to post this amazing cartoon that everyone loves


  2. realcatagent:

    Episode 1

    I like Cat Agent

  3. stefantosheff:

    I’ve decided to start making more quick comics. Here is the first one. More will follow.

    this is good stuff

  5. President Bird! He’s back, you guys! For real!


  6. empartridge:

    Ryan and I have a small problem: we both got sent a ton of copies for the new Adventure Time Summer Special.
    it’s great to get contributor copies to give to friends and families and especially to sell at conventions, but unfortunately neither of us have any conventions coming up any time soon. this means we have like 70 comics collecting dust.

    SO, welcome to Emily and Ryan’s Unload a Bunch of Comics Con! it’s just like a real con but with no human interaction.
    for 13 bucks plus shipping you get a comic signed by both Ryan and I plus an index card drawing from each of us. write what you’d like in the ‘instructions to the seller’ field- we’ll take simple requests like animals, TWP characters, Adventure Time characters, etc. to be ultra specific that’s two drawings, not one drawing by both of us.
    we’ll ship the comics on the actual release date (which I think is July 31st) so we don’t get in trouble for pushing comics early or something.

    I can’t make the paypal ‘buy now’ button work so just CLICK THIS LINK AND PRETEND IT’S A PAYPAL BUY NOW BUTTON!

    Hey! Yeah! Buy a comic and get a cheap sketch from two cool dudes (Emily and I)

    We’ve both got stories in these bad boys and I it’s a pretty good book to have and read and look at. IMO

  7. wolfhard:

    Here’s some stuff from yesterday’s Adventure Time episode Be More. Careful, there are spoilers in here. 

    These are some early development drawings of Moe (who is one of my favorite characters to draw on the show), some cleaned up storyboard drawings, and the thumbnails for the original ending of the episode, which was wisely vetoed by Tom and Adam and virtually everybody. 

    Holy cow, man. I gotta step up my boarding game.

  8. realcatagent:

    Hey! Remember that “coming soon” trailer we did about 5 months ago that got you really excited, but then nothing happened and you forgot about it? Well, here’s another one!

    cat agent rules

  9. mattforsythe:

    I did the title card design for tonight’s episode. Written by storyboarding dreamboats, Kent Osborne and Cole Sanchez.

    I revised half of this bad boy! I drew all the parts where Jake is trying to torture Finn with book-learning, BMO dancing, and a bunch of other stuff. I think I drew some pretty decent Jakes if I may say so myself.

  10. cool

    (Source: charleshuettner)

  11. Here’s a detail of my Space Show piece just for the heck of it

  12. "Lunch Break" - my goofy piece for Mike Mitchell’s SPACE SHOW opening tonight at Gallery 1988 in Hollywood, California. Go check it out if you’re in LA!

    It is 17” by 11” and I made it on a computer

  13. sirmitchell:

    :) “ 

    One of four prints I’ll have at SPACE! The Gallery Show this Friday at Gallery 1988: WEST. Be there or be somewhere significantly less awesome. 

  14. sirmitchell:


    my piece for the Space show at gallery 1988 west.

    the show was curated by Mike Mitchell, who is a stand-up dude and who I would like to thank for including me in this thing. here’s his post with the info! I hope all of my LA friends can make it out.

    big ups to belka and strelka.

    So good! 

    SO good. i friggin’ love this so much. i am incredibly jealous of my girlfriend’s talents, you guys. If you live in LA be sure to check this show out! I have a piece in there too but I’m gonna keep it a secret so if you want to see if you HAVE to go

  15. empartridge:

    the dogzine pdf is up on gumroad!

    in case you missed the posts a while back, this is a little 18 page book of dog art that Ryan Pequin and I made for VanCAF last month.

    a lot of people got in touch about how to get this if they couldn’t make it. the print version of the zine is still a convention exclusive, but we decided to upload the PDF on gumroad for people who want it! it’s pay-what-you-want over 3 dollars CAD.

    gumroad is credit card based as far as I know, so if you’re unable to do that and can do a paypal transaction, you can message me for info.

    Yeah! We drew some dogs. Check’em out!