1. mattforsythe:

    I did the title card design for tonight’s episode. Written by storyboarding dreamboats, Kent Osborne and Cole Sanchez.

    I revised half of this bad boy! I drew all the parts where Jake is trying to torture Finn with book-learning, BMO dancing, and a bunch of other stuff. I think I drew some pretty decent Jakes if I may say so myself.

  2. cool

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  3. Here’s a detail of my Space Show piece just for the heck of it

  4. "Lunch Break" - my goofy piece for Mike Mitchell’s SPACE SHOW opening tonight at Gallery 1988 in Hollywood, California. Go check it out if you’re in LA!

    It is 17” by 11” and I made it on a computer

  5. sirmitchell:

    :) “ 

    One of four prints I’ll have at SPACE! The Gallery Show this Friday at Gallery 1988: WEST. Be there or be somewhere significantly less awesome. 

  6. sirmitchell:


    my piece for the Space show at gallery 1988 west.

    the show was curated by Mike Mitchell, who is a stand-up dude and who I would like to thank for including me in this thing. here’s his post with the info! I hope all of my LA friends can make it out.

    big ups to belka and strelka.

    So good! 

    SO good. i friggin’ love this so much. i am incredibly jealous of my girlfriend’s talents, you guys. If you live in LA be sure to check this show out! I have a piece in there too but I’m gonna keep it a secret so if you want to see if you HAVE to go

  7. empartridge:

    the dogzine pdf is up on gumroad!

    in case you missed the posts a while back, this is a little 18 page book of dog art that Ryan Pequin and I made for VanCAF last month.

    a lot of people got in touch about how to get this if they couldn’t make it. the print version of the zine is still a convention exclusive, but we decided to upload the PDF on gumroad for people who want it! it’s pay-what-you-want over 3 dollars CAD.

    gumroad is credit card based as far as I know, so if you’re unable to do that and can do a paypal transaction, you can message me for info.

    Yeah! We drew some dogs. Check’em out!


  8. New comic addition: Three Word Phrase


    Our second new addition to our amazing lineup of webcomics in the Comic Chameleon iOS app is Three Word Phrase by Ryan Pequin - now live in the app effective immediately!  Including its full archive!


    In case you missed it, here’s more details on our plans to add more webcomics to the app, and eventually publish every webcomic you’ve ever heard of!

    Stay tuned for some more new additions in the next few weeks!  Follow us here on Tumblr, or on Twitter and Facebook!


  9. ryannorth:

    If you missed out on the To Be or Not To Be Kickstarter and have since decided that regrets are for other people and you want the book even though the Kickstarter is over, good news!  We’re close to having the books ready to ship, and that means you can buy the book now!!

    Emily and I have illustrations in here! And so does like every single one of my favourite webcomic artists! Go buy this thing!!!! It’s hilarious and it rules.

  11. Skeletons have it tough.
    Also, hey! Buy my new stuff!

  12. empartridge:

    Topatoco put up some Three Word Phrase merchandise today!

    TWP is obviously by Ryan, but I did the designs so I’m still pretty excited about this stuff. also, if you buy them, maybe he will buy me lunch.

    yeah, dis is my stuff! snag some before it’s all gone!

  13. empartridge:

    I was super happy to do this drawing for my friend Will (aka Baths) for the little zine that came with the first 200 preorders of his new album, Obsidian.
    now that the album is actually out, I thought I’d post this drawing and tell you all to go buy it! as far as I know, you can get a digital copy through itunes or cd/vinyl through anticon.

  14. empartridge:

    a little piece of a little thing Ryan and I are putting together this week

  15. gunshowcomic:

    dont you even see the hole?

    Wowie wow! We got a new kickstarter/book preorder for you! Midnite Surprise volume 2 is being kickstarted along with two other gorgeous art books from us at Benign Kingdom! Please help back the project and make it happen! I wanna give you a cool dang book!