1. jessfink:


    Oh it’s just a video of my choose-your-own-path version of Hamlet, To Be or Not To Be, making Stephen Colbert really excited, NOT A BIG DEAL AT ALL

    OMG I am in this book, OMG STEPHEN COLBERT is excited about a book I AM IN

    I’m in it too! How cool is this shit


  2. Yo! My buddy Owen Dennis made an album. It’s real good. Check it out!

  3. gunshowcomic:

    he’ll turn back around eventually. 

    I have a comic in Devastator #9, a fun book of jokes and images. Good people are involved (like me) so give it a go! It’s good stuff. Please be nice to those you meet.

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  4. yesthisisaaron:

    You know how some pro artists post ‘sketches’ that look like finished work and then you hate them but then they like your dolphin sketches and so you love them? Yeah.

  5. vgjunk:

    Final Fantasy VI, SNES.

    Catch the fast fish!

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  6. ryanpequin:

    Hey Tumblr let’s go make this happen ok http://kck.st/17H3Kqv

  7. troffie:

    take me 2 ur leader

  8. empartridge:

    rip marcia wallace

  9. tobyjones:


    Here’s a comic I made about what it’s like to pitch a joke to your writing partner on a TV show. This is what it’s like on Regular Show, so I assume this is what it is like for everyone, because I can’t imagine it going any other way.

    Fact: when writing jokes is a large part of your job, solemnly saying “that’s funny” replaces laughter much of the time. 

    "or something funnier" is what I add at the end of every joke I pitch. But also I’m still fresh enough that I laugh like a dumbass at the stuff Andres and I would come up with when writing

  10. empartridge:


    Hey, look! Our pal Emily Partridge drew up one of the covers for next Wednesday’s Adventure Time comic book release (so did Sarah Horrocks, Ryo Nishiguchi, and Wes Craig). Look over a preview of this issue (#21, can you even believe it) here at Comics Alliance. Thanks, Emily.



  11. here’s a painting i did for an art show here in Vancouver. it’s really dumb. (i only painted the cow on the left. i bought the painting at a thrift shop)

  12. jonklassen:

    thing from today

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  13. Last week I finally got to visit LA and hang out at the Cartoon Network studios. I met Andres Salaff, my Regular Show board partner from the last few months, played ping pong on the roof, drank steins of beer with a bunch of the folks from Regular Show and Adventure Time, and got to meet a lot of cartoonists who inspire the shit out of me who, until now, I only really knew from their twitter avatars.

    Thanks to everyone who put up with us talking about how hot it was and how the trees were different for a whole week.

    Credit to Emily Partridge for taking the cool polariods

  14. rebeccasugar:

    The Steven Universe Poster is out! Characters drawn by me, inked by Danny Hynes, and painted by Amanda Winterstein. Poster comp and color finalized by CN’s creative team. And logo by Kevin Dart!

    Thanks so much to everyone who’s excited and spreading the word, the first episode is airing next month and I can’t wait for you all to see it! 

    I am v. excited for this show y’all