1. tobyjones:

    Led Zeppelin t-shirt

    Toby Jones, everybody

    (via oweeeeendennis)

  3. oweeeeendennis:

    This piece is called “Predickament”. I made it for the Mr. Show Show on May 17th at Meltdown Comics. It’s 15”x12.5” and made entirely out of cut paper. This picture features young David Cross at a… crossroads… as it were.

    Adventure games were obviously heavy on my mind at the time that I came up with this.

    If you’re in the area you should come to the show!

  4. tobyjones:


    So today Ryan drew that first picture of Mordecai up there. Then Toby, Sarah and I joined in and things kinda got out of hand for an hour.

    That was a good hour.

    Good times

  5. wolfhard:

    Forg, the Winter Frog. (1)


  6. (Source: midnitesurprise)


  7. castingcallwoe:

    She must be comfortable eating one raw egg. 

  8. milkbarista:

    motherworld #1

    I like this


  9. castingcallwoe:

    You will be dancing next to a man dressed as a large egg. 

  10. kochalka:

    Sweet Spandy, we love you.

    Goodbye Spandy. You meant a lot to me.

  11. empartridge:

    I was too busy skiing/driving/strange illness barfing to make something yesterday.
    we already had a valentine’s day thing before I left town but it didn’t feel right without a sappy drawing.
    (those are denny’s mugs)

    Emily is the cutest, god damn


  12. stefantosheff:

    Guess what.

    Yeah, for real. This is kind of the most badass and impressive zine ever made so uh

  13. mattforsythe:

    Here’s a side by side of the updated Jake model.

    jake got a butt

  14. aschick:

    Warm up sketch.


  15. aschick:

    Marsh Visions

    Andrew rules