1. ryannorth:

    Over the past year I’ve been working on a book, and I hope you will support me making it a reality.  It’s called “To Be Or Not To Be” and YES it is a choose-your-own version of Hamlet.  And you can play as Hamlet, Ophelia or King Hamlet!  And instead of a play-within-a-play there’s a book-within-a-book where you read a different chooseable-path book!  And I’m hoping to get every death illustrated by someone you love!  Check out that cover by Noelle Stevenson and click through to see ALL THE OTHER AMAZING THINGS you can get if you support this project.  Also: thank you!

    Yo: I am in this and it is going to RULE so GET ON BOARD!! Get on it!

  3. empartridge:

    here is some fanart.
    if you’re not reading and loving Forming then what are you even doing with your life, seriously.

  4. dharbin:


    @DustinHarbin is having a special offer in his store: Orders over $50 get free shipping and free Carl Sagan print.

    I have been blessed with this offer. you should welcome it into your life too.


    This is true you guys! Orders of $50 or more in my shop can get free shipping on the whole order and a free 8” x 10” Sagan print with code FREESAGAN, for let’s say at least this week. Early Christmas shopping? For yourself? I say why not, you deserve it *kisses you tenderly*

  6. lamezone:

               B E A R Z I N E


             HAPPY HALLOWEEN

    Guys, hey - it’d mean the world to me if you followed that link and sent some money in Partydog’s direction, and/or reblogged this post. He is a very nice, talented dude and it’d be a very nice thing to see him be able to eat and sleep under a roof.

    - Ryan

  7. aschick:



  8. queerthing said: why is there no food on the left plate in the second panel of the ihop comic

    i simply have no idea what you mean

  10. empartridge:

    the slashiest of fictions

  11. My girlfriend Emily and I are going as slash fiction this year

  12. scottlava:

    It is HERE!!

    The Great Showdowns book!

    With a foreword by Neil Patrick Harris

    and introduction by Scott C. (who is me)

    Over 150 Showdowns from the Great Showdowns series.  You can get it at your local bookstore or anywhere online!! Go get it right now!  SPREAD THE WORD!!

    More amazing details can be found on my blog right HERE!!!


  14. I made a pumpkin of my twitter avatar

  15. losing-daylight:

    The only reason why I go on twitter

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