1. therealmikeholmes:


    They just arrived! Bravest Warriors #1!!! Written by Joey Comeau, drawn by some jerk named me, colors by Zack Sterling, backup story by Ryan Pequin(!). Plus look at all the covers - Tyson Hesse, Marc Bell, Jim Rugg, Maris Wicks, Pen Ward and more!

    It’s out next Wednesday, Oct. 24th. I am super proud of this book you guys, I hope you all pick one up!

    Just FYI in case you guys missed it, I wrote and drew the six-page backup story in this issue (and will be doing more in future issues) so get your butts out there and buy this thing!

  3. kingtrash:



    This is now a blacklight poster you can buy here for a show opening in LA tomorrow night with other posters from Shary Boyle, Ben Jones, Jordan Crane, Sammy Harkham, Will Sweeney, Robert Beatty, Arik Roper, Tara Sinn, Karn Piana and Jim Krewson


  5. breakcorechoirboy:

    So a friend of mine pitched down the sound of a baby crying and

  6. mareodomo:


    I’m selling a limited print run of my short story Farmer’s Dilemma. It’s nine dollars, free shipping, and I’ll sign it to you and do an original drawing. Buy it here guys, I will love you so hard

    You should fuckin’ BUY THIS

    I did! I bought it!

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  7. vincentvarlotto asked: Not to be a gigantic asshole or anything (sike) but you were really lazy with that last comic! Pick up the game son! Won't stop me from reading though.

    that’s like sorta my thing, bro

  8. empartridge:

    it’s starting to get cold out, and you know what that means. festive dog sweater time.

  12. chickensnack:

    ryan pequin and emily partridge made me this bday card!!!!!!!!!!!!! for my bday!!!!

    (via empartridge)

  13. empartridge:


    President Bird, from Three Word Phrase by Ryan Pequin, made by Stabwool

    With interchangeable word balloons! :D



  14. lamezone:

    the childrens voices