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    ryan’s sad bear, my favourite bear ever

    the saddest of all of the bears

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    happy frickin holidays, tumblr!
    I wanted to show this off as soon as it was finished, but I thought I’d better hold out until christmas.

    this year I had the pleasure of making holiday cards for a few people, one of them being the lovely Adam Muto. drawing adventure time stuff for money was pretty nice.

    Guys look how good this is. My girlfriend made this. I am jealous of her abilities.

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    THE HAPPIEST DAY OF BATMAN’S LIFE. One of the one-hour drawings I’ve been doing, available for purchasing by you right here. All the ones thus far are here. Subject suggestion: “The happiest day of Batman’s life.” I’ve reopened one hour drawings now that I don’t have to get them done before Christmas (it’s too late to ship in time). So if you’re not in a hurry, feel free to spend yourself silly.

  8. natazilla:

    kent’s cat agent is the bestttt

    i want cat agent to represent me in my inevitable rise to fame and fortune

  9. ollymoss:

    I had the pleasure of working with Warner Bros and Mondo on some new Lord of the Rings posters to celebrate their latest trip to Middle Earth.

    There’s a regular (green) edition of 580 and a variant (orange) edition of 285. Both are screen printed by the fine chaps over at DL.

    They’re available tomorrow from here.

  10. wolfhard:

    Today is the 1 year anniversary of me and Leslie getting married! Here’s a re-posting the wedding announcement comic that I did last year.

    I think a lot about our wedding!  We had only been engaged for two weeks so it was a very small city hall ceremony, attended by Leslie’s parents, my parents, and a handful of friends. We’re still so touched to have Annie Koyama and John Martz as our witnesses. Afterwards my dad took everyone out for lunch at our favourite Toronto restaurant. 

    The whole thing was the simplest, but from the day of the wedding through january was the happiest time of my life. Les and I were so happy during that time that it was nearly impossible to do anything other than squeeze each other, laugh, and cry.  We were so happy it was impractical. 

    Marrying Leslie has to be the biggest and most surprising thing that’s ever happened in my life. Before we met I was hunkering down and getting ready for a lifetime by myself. I didn’t have much ambition, I felt a lot of shame, and didn’t have much hope for my future. Leslie totally scooped me up and saved me. 

    I love her so much. All I want is for us to get old and cozy together.

    Steve and Leslie are just the god damn cutest, most charming people ever.

  13. empartridge:

    a month has come and gone and it’s time to try to financially survive another one! I have a few things in store for December, starting with this.
    I’ve found out that I’m miserable and slow when it comes to shipping (don’t worry, Lainey is shipping the buttzine orders), so I had a different kind of idea for holiday cards.

    for $25 bucks each, I’m taking a few simple digital commissions! you can give me as much or as little direction as you’d like, and I’ll draw up a holiday image for you to use to print your own cards, or really just whatever you want to do with it. the quality will be simple but better than that gif up there, more like this or this. the files will be print res, max size 5 x 7, whatever orientation you want. there’s only a few spots, so if you’re interested, send me a message!

    **EDIT** 4/5 spots taken already, get on this if you want in!

    Lemme be straight with you, Emily makes some hella cute cards. This is a pretty sweet deal imho and your sig. other will definitely smooch your face if you give them one of these babies.

  14. empartridge:

    guys, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for,
    the first issue of the definitive buttzine of our generation, Ahoy Booty!, is now available for preorder!

    for 8 USD plus shipping, you get 50 pages of illustration, comics, poetry and prose about (you guessed it) butts, with a colour cover and 4-page colour spread. just a few of the artists included in the first volume are:
    Sam Humphries and Sloane Leong (2 page center spread)
    Phil McAndrew
    David Malki
    Seo Kim
    Roman Muradov
    Maré Odomo
    Sashiko Yuen / Wishcandy
    Ryan Pequin
    Sophia Foster-Dimino
    and a cover by me. (Emily Partridge)

    you’ve all been very good and patient while the zine comes together, and now you can finally get all up on that thing. orders come with a PDF of the zine, AND a song by Will Wiesenfeld of Baths/Geotic/Post-Foetus. (you’ll get this when preorders are done, not at the time of your order)

    it’s all absolutely great, and definitely worth 8 FRICKING BUCKS. to order, click the image, or riiiiiight here.



    fyi this thing is rad! buy one! i’m gonna be in it!

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  15. HEY GUYS:


    This is a small request, if you like music, and even beter yet,  if you like music with guitars and cool drum fills, please follow my bands adventures on tumblr. yah know, if you want…


    We’re recording a new E.P. at a sweet studio here in vancouver. It’s pretty exciting for us.