1. lamezone:

               B E A R Z I N E


             HAPPY HALLOWEEN

    Guys, hey - it’d mean the world to me if you followed that link and sent some money in Partydog’s direction, and/or reblogged this post. He is a very nice, talented dude and it’d be a very nice thing to see him be able to eat and sleep under a roof.

    - Ryan

  2. aschick:



  3. queerthing asked: why is there no food on the left plate in the second panel of the ihop comic

    i simply have no idea what you mean

  5. empartridge:

    the slashiest of fictions

  6. My girlfriend Emily and I are going as slash fiction this year

  7. scottlava:

    It is HERE!!

    The Great Showdowns book!

    With a foreword by Neil Patrick Harris

    and introduction by Scott C. (who is me)

    Over 150 Showdowns from the Great Showdowns series.  You can get it at your local bookstore or anywhere online!! Go get it right now!  SPREAD THE WORD!!

    More amazing details can be found on my blog right HERE!!!


  9. I made a pumpkin of my twitter avatar

  10. losing-daylight:

    The only reason why I go on twitter

  13. therealmikeholmes:


    Bravest Warriors #1 is now available everywhere, and you can now buy it and take it home and read it! This is the debut of my very first monthly book as regular artist, and I am just unbelievably proud to be a part of it. Joey Comeau and Ryan Pequin and Zack Sterling and Shannon and Adam and everyone at BOOM are just awesome to work with.

    Go out and get it at your local comic shop! I think you’ll like it!!

    I dunno if you saw but I’m totally in this! I did the backup story! I am proud of this and you should definitely go and buy this comic and reblog this so other people buy this comic, the end.

  15. sirmitchell:

    “Kiddie Pool”

    Here is another of the three new Just Like Us pieces that will be debuting at the Universal Monsters show at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX this Friday. There will be an original, as well as prints available.