1. wolfhard:

    Forg, the Winter Frog. (1)


  2. (Source: midnitesurprise)


  3. castingcallwoe:

    She must be comfortable eating one raw egg. 

  4. milkbarista:

    motherworld #1

    I like this


  5. castingcallwoe:

    You will be dancing next to a man dressed as a large egg. 

  6. kochalka:

    Sweet Spandy, we love you.

    Goodbye Spandy. You meant a lot to me.

  7. empartridge:

    I was too busy skiing/driving/strange illness barfing to make something yesterday.
    we already had a valentine’s day thing before I left town but it didn’t feel right without a sappy drawing.
    (those are denny’s mugs)

    Emily is the cutest, god damn


  8. stefantosheff:

    Guess what.

    Yeah, for real. This is kind of the most badass and impressive zine ever made so uh

  9. mattforsythe:

    Here’s a side by side of the updated Jake model.

    jake got a butt

  10. aschick:

    Warm up sketch.


  11. aschick:

    Marsh Visions

    Andrew rules

  12. ryanpequin:

    we are the sexiest couple

    i had forgotten about this

  13. empartridge:

    wdywtd drawings are fun especially when you replace your grimy self with a cute animal.
    we saw an abandoned wicker basket walking home and got all Daniel Plainview for the next half hour (it was around 1 am so thankfully nobody was around).

    edit: it’s “from a basket” and not “in a basket”. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.


  14. theferdescape:

    Good ol’ Cat Rackham! Steve Wolfhard’s wonderful creation was a huge influence on me when I was getting into comics. I always felt like it would make a great TV show.

    Cat Rackham rules and this gif rules


  15. There’s a new Three Word Phrase up on The Nib! It is about a cartoonist. You gotta click the link though because I will get paid money for it if you do and money is a nice thing to have. Thanks Tumblr.